Maah Daah Hey 150 Coming Soon!

This one flew under my radar until just now, unfortunately.  LAND, holders of the Maah Daah Hey 100 endurance bike race, now are holding the Maah Daah Hey 150 starting September 17, 2016.  The course includes the original MDH trail, along with the newer MDH “Deuce” trail.

This race has multi-day options, and some of the options are open to runners as well.  Riders have the options for one, two, three, or six days.  Cutoffs for each day are 24, 14, 12, and 10 hours, respectively.  Trail runners have the option of completing the race in 6 days (with the same 10 hour cutoff), OR running all 150 miles in three days.  I don’t have an exhaustive list in front of me, but I believe this would be the longest endurance run held in North Dakota.

Hopefully, the race will be enough of a success that they’ll hold it again next year.  That would hopefully give me enough time to prepare.  Six days in the Badlands in September sounds lovely, and would be good motivation to keep training during the summer.