BWCA Trip Day 4 – July 22 2015

The aches and pains set in this morning, it took a little while to get going. Fortunately, I had some ibuprofen along, which helped me function enough to start moving.

The portage to Hassel wasn’t too bad, but a bit long. Shoes were the footwear of the day, I think my landings and launches were cleaner because of my new footwear. I lost my sandals when I took the canoe, fortunately they were easy to find. A valuable lesson learned: if it isn’t strapped down don’t expect it to be there the next time you look.

The portage from Hassel to Saca Lake was well hidden, but I found it eventually. The detail on the map wasn’t enough to point me to the right spot. The trail was marked on the GPS, but the unit had my location off by about 20 feet.  After a half hour of wandering back and forth along the shore line (and a few minutes of starting down a deceptive game trail), I finally found it, and trekked to Saca Lake.

Saca is another pretty lake. I could see staying there one day. There was a group camping on the lake, the first people I’d seen since yesterday morning. I found the portage to Crab Lake on a rocky point. It was a nice place to have lunch. A humming bird tried to join me. It was a large one, but disappeared when I tried to get a camera out. Wildlife are so camera shy!

A group came down from the trail from Crab, three men and 4 or so boys. They are staying at Crab, and were in Saca to fish (one guy was adamant that they weren’t going to take any fish back with them).

After getting back to Crab Lake, the next few hours were spent trying to find the perfect site to camp for the last night. Rain was in the forecast, so I tried to take that into account. After several hours of searching, and hemming and hawing over a couple sites, I finally decided to camp at the sight where I had seen the deer the day before.

After committing, a couple of problems became apparent:

It was on a boulder, with almost no dirt to stake down

The setting red hot sun bathed the whole site all afternoon and evening.

The stake issue was solved by tying paracord to sticks and the tent stakeouts, and using rocks to hold the stick down. The sun ended up not being much of a problem after I left the door to the tent open all evening.

One last dinner, and I tried to pre-pack as much as possible for tomorrow’s exit. This has been fun, but I’m read to get back to civilization.

Today’s Wildlife:

Loons, ravens, ruffed grouse, 2 kinds of humming birds, one with a white head and body with reddish brown wings, the other was not colored the same but the same size. Didn’t get the greatest look at them, but they were quite big for humming birds.