BWCA Trip Day 2 – July 20 2015

Not long after I had fallen asleep, I awoke to the sound of rain pattering on the tent. Normally, the rainfly would handle it, but there’s more stuff involved this time around and not everything fits into the tent.

A quick inventory from memory didn’t turn up anything that would get too damaged from the rain. “The food bag!” flashed in my mind, as I leapt up and ran outside. Wait, should I bring it in? Wasn’t there a lot of advice indicating its a really bad idea to bring your food inside your tent? I came to a quick compromise and set the bag next to the tent, then gathered up the remaining external gear, like the fishing pole and life jacket, and piled them next to the tent. There was a “Now what?” moment, until I remembered the tarp.  With it being pitch black and raining, there wasn’t much time to plan out a proper strategy to hang the thing, so it was just draped over the tent and miscellaneous gear.  After staking and tying down the tarp, I called it good and crawled back inside to the still dry tent.

Up at dawn, the site didn’t look too bad. The tarp had done its job, and the rain hadn’t been hard enough to flood the campsite.  A beaver family swam by me as I filled my water bottles by the lake. The tarp was redone so it hung above the tent, and provided a nice dry area around the tent. Unfortunately, I needed to stoop quite a bit to get in or out.

After breakfast, I paddled north to Little Crab Lake. The strong westerly winds made headway difficult, just like yesterday. The lake lived up to its name, it was a smaller version of Crab Lake.  The creek that lead to Lunetta Lake was shallow and full of lily pads. The whole area is marshland. Headway was manageable until I reached the lake. The wind seemed to be worse today, any attempts to enter the lake caused me to get shoved onto the marsh that made up the east shore. A muddy, stinky area. Dejected, I headed back to Little Crab Lake, had lunch at the portage, then went back to camp.

The afternoon was wiled away fishing and relaxing. It was difficult to just sit and enjoy the sights, as I kept thinking “I should be doing something right now.” Eventually, I was able to settle down and relax. A group paddled by camp on their way north. This lake was busier than I had been lead to believe.

Rain came through while I was making dinner. The downpour only lasted a few minutes but the tarp performed as expected. After the rain, the wind stopped. It was quiet for the first time in two days. A rainbow appeared on the other side of the lake. This was just the kind of thing I had come for.

Again, the mosquitoes drove me into the tent shortly after sunset. Birds were calling left and right. Loons were coming in for landing and taking off right next to camp. Not the sort of music that lulls one to sleep, but it was a nice change from the roar of wind blowing through trees.

Today’s wildlife: beaver, blue jays, loons. The island next to camp seems to be a blue jay haven.